Herb's writings are taking from episodes in his own live and the lives of people that he has met through his many years of his advocacy work and his career as an Earth Science major. Herb is writing an autobiography. You will be able to subscribe to his stories at a later date. Click here to see a preview his work.

Herb's stories and commentary are made to educate, inspire, motivate, and sock. His soul-mate once told him that the reason that he is disabled is to show people how hard life can be.

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Chapter 1

I met Bruce at a social for people with disabilities that my church has every month. This was the first time that I saw him there. His mother was holding a towel by his mouth to catch the drops of pop dripping while he was trying to drink trough a straw. He had a hard time talking because of his breathing, but I was able to learn that he was leaving in the nursing home 4 blocks from my house. While my mother and his mother were talking, I was planning a visit with Bruce before the next month's social. As mom pushing down the ramp, I watched Bruce's nephew and his mom load him into his van.

Since I was on the Illinois Developmental Distribution Advocacy Authority (IDDAA) I made a commitment to help him. I got one of our advocates to help him get out of the nursing home. During the year that I had the honor of knowing him, I learned that Bruce developed MS at the age of 30. He got married at the age of 20.He always wanted kids and after seeing birth control pills fall from her bag, his fear that his wife was thinking about leaving him grew.

Chapter 2

Did Bruce's wife leave him? What caused him to become disabled? Find out what happened. 

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